Monday, October 11, 2010


This weekend I hit 100,000 miles on my car! Sad!! Since I commute 30 minutes each way to work, I am going to keep my car another year and hopefully get a new car next December.
This weekend was really nice and low key. Friday after work we had dinner with our closest group of friends and played Catch Phrase afterwards. Great night in my book.
Saturday I took my new friend to a nice mall in our area looking for wedding shoes... I saw so many fun shoes that I would totally consider for my big day! Whenever that may be!
Sunday I got a new purse! I figured it was time to put away the purple bag being fall and all. Here is my new Coach bag :)
Its a lot smaller than I'm used to but I really like it. Thank gosh for having a Coach outlet so close.
Tonight I am off to an orientation for another 911 dispatcher meeting...  Interview next Monday... we shall see...


Miss V said...

love the new bag lady and have fun at the orientation keeping my fingers crossed for you!! xoxo oh and yes I changed the look myself it was relatively easy..sorta... haha e-mail or message me if you want deets ;)

californiadreamin said...

Oh, thats a gorgeous purse!

Jessica W said...

I lovee your new purse! I want to go to a coach outlet so bad- I drool over them every time I go and I'm finally ready to get one haha.

I kind of want a Longchamp purse though.

ha can't decide!

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