Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The boy and I were asked to be the Godparents of the little girl our best friends are going to have in March. We are SO HONORED!! From what I researched, I think it started off as a Catholic thing but since we aren't Catholic, I was wondering what type of role they wanted us to take. God forbid anything happens to both of them, they want us to raise their girl. WOW!! That is just an amazing gift in itself to be asked. We said YES. We will be there no matter what for their child. We cannot wait to meet her!!

They lived downstairs from us last year at our apartment and it was so cool to just walk downstairs to see our besties. They are sadly back in Indiana but hopefully returning to Cali after the baby makes its appearance.


Aimee said...

How exciting!! That is quite an honor!!

If and when I have children I am going to have godparents and I,m not Cathloic. I know a bunch of Mexicans do it regardless of their religion. Dont know about other cultures (well i am white-polish and irish) but i dont have godparents.

Shandell said...

That's wonderful, congratulations!