Friday, October 8, 2010

Making Friends

I love making new friends! I love to reach out to people and see what happens. A new girl started at my work and she moved from Florida to California. I knew she didn't know anyone and I felt bad thinking, she doesn't know our town and she doesn't have anyone to hang with. We went to dinner last night and it was such a great time. We talked for two hours and totally clicked.

Some of my closest friends became friends because I took a chance and reached out. When I worked at the tanning salon, I was always chatty with my regular tanners. Well, I would say two of my closest girlfriends came from me working at the salon. Even though I don't like how my time ended there, I gained some friendships that I just love!

Tonight, I am off to dinner with more friends to enjoy Mexican food and Margaritas! So thrilled its Friday! Oh! And I went to Ulta last night and OPI was having a buy 2 nail polish and get 1 free kind of deal! Plus I had a $5 dollar off coupon! $13 for 3 bottles! Score!

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Miss V said...

What colors did you get?? I went on a mission to Walgreens to get nail polish today and didn't find anything I HAD to have!! err.. anyhow totally agree with making new friends I have a great group of gf's I've known my whole life but I am still always trying to get involved and meet new ladies, different parts of your life call for different friends sometimes, it's soo important to always put yourself out there!! xoxo glad we're blogging friends too !