Friday, October 29, 2010

Pickin Pumpkins

Yesterday my poor dad had another foot surgery! I left work early to drop in on him and bring him my ipad so he would have some entertainment while laying on the couch for the new few days. I really hope this surgery is it and stops feeling so much pain.

Last night we hit up the Pumpkin Patch with Megan & Trevor and sadly it wasn't all that great. All the pumpkins were the same small size and wasn't much to choose from. But we each found one and headed home to carve. I will post pictures tomorrow of the finished product.

Thankfully I am off early again today, gotta make cupcakes, check on my dad, and go to Costco because tonight we are having our Halloween party!! I am so excited to see everyone dressed up! I really hope we have a house next year because fitting everyone in a apartment kinda sucks!!

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