Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Gloomy Sunday

Well it is starting to look like Fall around here, very gloomy and overcast today. Having a very relaxing Sunday and trying to make the day feel long as tomorrow is already Monday.

Friday night we met one of our favorite couples at the movies and saw Wall Street. Any of you girls seen it? It was okay... nothing to special in my eyes... We also grabbed a quick, yummy dinner before and here is what we had....

I just love those little street tacos :)
Yesterday I had lunch with two girlfriends, and we strolled the mall and shopped at our new H&M. I liked the baby/kid section the best, such cute little outfits! Considering 3 very close girlfriends are all pregnant, I guess I will be broke in the months of March, April, May! Praying for one especially as she has endometrosis and is only 6 weeks along but spotting here and there...

Did I mention my niece finally figured out crawling?? Finally!! Now my sister really can't take her eyes off her! I am missing those kiddos!!

Happy Sunday xo

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J and A said...

I tagged you in an 8 question game if you want to play along. :)