Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wishing and Hoping

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the circle of life, and frankly I don't like it. I already lost my mom, by NO means am I ready to lose anyone else. Frappy is my world and some think I'm crazy, but I just adore him. I really feel like he was meant to be mine. Right now I am just watching him nap wondering how long I will be blessed with him. We went to the vet yesterday and she pretty much said that once seizures start to get more severe, we gotta get him on more medicine. Which we started yesterday. He hadn't had a blood test for years so I agreed to do one, not knowing it was gonna cost $146!! Out the door I paid $252!! I cried all the way home :p Definitely a hot mess. I slept awful last night thinking about him and listening to him breathe/snore. I'm so stressed I can't even nap. I sure hope this medicine works and keeps my boy around. Thanks for your sweet comments, it feels good to get this journaled.


CMae said...

I hear you on the vet costs...Aspen had an ear infection for a month and everytime I took her to get it checked to see if it was getting better it costed me 80 dollars...I was furious it cost so much but I know if I had a real kid it would be the same way. Nothing and I mean NOTHING matters more than taking care of your family and as far as I'm concerned Pets are just LIKE having kids. They are worth every penny. Try and rest up. Keep a close watch on your pup if you can..I'm sure he'll enjoy any extra attention you can give him!

Anonymous said...

I know there are people that don't seem to understand how upsetting it can be to have a sick pet or a pet that has passed away. (Of course, we all know those people are all heartless. hehehe) But, honestly. He's your little furbaby. And furbabies are family members just as anyone else is. We worry about them just as we would worry about a brother or sister or child. It's tough. But, if you need anything, drop a line. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your little guy.