Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My bf loves me!

Whenever the bf has a wedding, he takes both laptops with him in case one computer has a problem, he could just use the other. Even though that has never happened, he is prepared :) But that leaves me without a computer and sometimes I get bored and wish I had an Ipad... So the other night we went and he bought one for us! I haven't really had much time to play with it but I know it will be super useful when I want to do my blogging :)
For some reason it looks huge here and I am half awake in this picture as it was 730am.

Off to read your blogs xo 


Aimee said...

1 word...jealous!!

Jessica W said...

ahhh you got it! that is awesome. I saw on your fb stat that your wish came true! Keep me posted on how you like it!

Miss V said...

wow... awesome gift!! What a sweetie! Have fun playing with it!! xoxo