Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10/30 & 10/31

Saturday night we went to a restaurant/ bar for a Halloween party, one of the bf's friends was DJing the party and we had a lot of fun last year so we wanted to be there again this year. We danced a lot which is unusual for me because I normally don't like to dance :P
My good friend Amanda won the costume contest for best Pirate costume, and she literally showed up right as they were doing the contest. Talk about lucky! She won $125!
To keep people dancing, the DJ gives away fake paper money. Whenever he wants people on the floor, he will say, come do the YMCA and you will get $5,000 dollars! I hadn't really been collecting too much money but my friend Pam had $46,000 towards the end of the night!

This drunk lady and her husband were sitting in front of us and she had a good chunk of money too but her husband wanted to leave and so I watched him say, we will give the money to someone we know. She got up first, and he followed her out with the money. A few minutes later, she comes up to me and she says, you stole my money! I was like no... I didn't. She said give me my money! I said no its not yours! She left and then returned 2 minutes later saying, Give me my money! She then called me a F-ing Bi*ch! I was ticked!! I screamed at her, your husband took the money!! Go find your husband!! The nerve of some people!! I couldn't believe it!! Ugh!! She left and didn't return thank gosh!! My friend Pam ended up winning me a big bottle of Bacardi Torched Rum!
Can't wait to try it!!

Sunday we found out our good friends B&B are having a little girl!! They did a cupcake reveal thing for us and we are so excited for March. She really thought she was having a boy so she was shocked to hear otherwise!
Sunday night we handed out candy at my dads, I was so looking forward to seeing little trick or treaters but we only had 7 the whole night!! I think the kids must be going to the brand new housing track close by! I would if I was a kid hehe.
And last but not least, my adorable niece and nephew!!

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Aimee said...

That party at the bar sounds like a lot of fun. How can you not like to dance ;)? Yay for crazy drunk bitches

Awww your niece and nephew are adorable