Monday, November 15, 2010


This may sound crazy to some of you... but I just got tickets to NKOTB & Backstreet Boys for their tour in 2011! My friend Kim just loves NKOTB and I may not love them as much, I am going with and I am sure I will still have fun!! It will be fun to remember the days of singing along to Backstreet Boys and seeing how they are after all these years.
It was so stressful getting the tickets because at first the system was on major overload and I didn't even think tickets were going to come up and this was just for presale people!
Anyways, tickets are purchased and now we just wait 8+ months. Good thing she is having her baby in June, otherwise I think she might have gone into labor at the concert considering her love for NKOTB!!

Happy Monday! 


Just Believing said...

Ok serioulsy thats person 8973 I know that is pregnant! LOL...Hope you girls have a blast!

CMae said...

In highschool I was in LOVEEEEE with Brian Littrell from BSB.....I have all their CDs..(up until the point when they started to Fade and Kevin left the group)

Ashley said...

Love NKOTB and BSB!! Reminds me of my teeny bopper days ;)

P.S.: I am your newest follower!

Lindsay said...

um, so happy you found my blog! yours is so cute and fun! looking forward to reading it! by the way, when i was little i swore that jordan knight was my boyfriend. my parents even have it on tape.