Monday, November 8, 2010

Holy Toledo

Another Monday... Amazing how fast the weekends go by...
This weekend the bf was in Palm Springs doing a wedding so I had lots of ME time and I spent most of that relaxing at home and going to bed early. Going to bed early is one of my favorite things <3
I met my friend April for lunch on Saturday, I really enjoy our lunch dates. We wanted to start walking in the evenings but now with the time change, its way to dark at 530.
Saturday evening I met my friend Jennifer for dinner in the harbor, we had such a pretty view.

Sunday the bf returned and we ran some errands and had a nice lunch together. Look how big these
fish n'chips were!!
Oh so yummy!!

Last night we met Will and Jenn to see the movie Due Date and I wasn't too impressed. It had its funny parts but felt really long.
Looking forward to a quiet night tonight, gotta watch Grey's and Kendra on the DVR.


californiadreamin said...

I felt the same way about Due Date. I so could have waited till it was out on DVD

The Conway's said...

Thank goodness for friends that keep us company when our boys are away. My hubby just left AGAIN today for more interviews...gotta plan some girl time :)

The Conway's said...

As far as go to the link and sign up and then you'll get a follow up email telling you what to do.