Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday

Did any of you make it out shopping for Black Friday? For the first time, I braved the craziness and went! The bf's parentals live about 30 minutes from anything town. The alarm clock went off at 3am and we were on the road at 3:30.

The town where Target, Walmart, everything is at has only about 4,000 people in it so I really wasn't expecting any crowds. BOY was I wrong!! We literally pulled in the parking lot at 4am when the doors to Target were opening. The line was FOREVER long. I could not believe how many people were flooding into Target. And the crazy part, I didn't even know what I wanted! I did a quick loop thru and grabbed a small mixer and checked out before the lines began. Then we headed to Walmart for the sale that started at 5am. There was 1 thing I was on a mission to buy, and I got it! But I can't say what I got because my sister reads this and the gift was for her!
Our time in AZ was really relaxing and nice to get away. I missed Frappy like CRAZY and it was so good seeing him when we got home.
I also got some really crazy good news on Friday. I had applied with the Sheriffs department a few months back, and interviewed with them the beginning of October. Then I got a letter close to Halloween saying I wasn't chosen to move forward. But then on Friday they called saying they wanted to put me into Background. It was so out of nowhere! I have my interview with the background investigator on Thursday morning and then starts the slow, long process of digging into my past. I REALLY hope this works out for me!!


Just Believing said...

Kristin so exciting about the sherriffs what are you applying for??? email me on FB !

You could use my Dad as a reference...he works for the county and I know they are big on referrels both ways

Laura Darling said...

I am loving reading all these Black Friday stories of people who went out crazy early! I'm a wimp and I stayed away from the stores on Friday, but I did get some good deals Saturday!

love jenny xoxo said...

First black Friday and you really went all out! 3am!! I go shopping but not as early, but I'm glad you got what you wanted!

Good luck with the interview! That's awesome!