Friday, December 3, 2010

Jury Duty

I feel like I have been away from blogging for quite some time! I had jury duty on Wednesday and I was kinda hoping to get put on a case, but kinda not because I don't have anyone trained at work that can do my job. Right at 9am, they started calling names left and right. I guess it was a busy day because there were 124 trials for the day. After the morning break, the lady said she had some bad news.... That a court 45 minutes away needed a panel. I wasn't really paying attention but heard my name and thought no way! But sure enough, I had to drive out there and eventually was picked to be a juror. The trial started yesterday morning and it was over a civil issue. One lady had loaned her brother and his wife $80 thousand dollars and was never paid back the full amount. Long story short, it seemed like both women were lying and our job was to decide who was telling more of the truth. Yesterday we were given a 2 and a half hour lunch and when we got back, we were told both parties had settled over lunch. So that's that... I am happy that we didn't have to decide something that would ultimately affect one of them.... but I would have liked to know what they decided.
So I am back at work... I would have liked to be out one more day :)

This morning I had my interview with my background investigator. I thought it went well... they even asked for my email and password to my facebook... crazy right??
The sucky part is that I am a alternate... I need someone to get disqualified or drop out somehow in order to be one of the four they are going to hire...
I have to hope it will all work out the way its supposed to...


Just Believing said...

Good luck girl hope you get hired! I was on a jury about an elderly man who hit and killed a teenage boy with his car...the parents were suing him for pain and was soooo hard specially when ultimatley it was decided the boy was at fault so no money awarded to his family but it was so hard to see his parents sitting there ;(

Leigh said...

I've always wondered what it would be like to be called for jury duty. Are you glad it's done?

Hope all goes well with the job!

Jessica W said...

I've always kind of wanted to have jury duty! what if you had to do it for some big high profile case? That might be a little creepy- I remember watching the interviews with the jurors of the Scott Peterson case. I dunno if I could do that!

Did I miss something? ha what job are you applying for? that's crazy they have your fb and email passwords! I wouldn't like that!