Thursday, December 16, 2010

4 Eyes

I can no longer call the bf 4 eyes! Not that I ever did it to be mean, but now he can almost see! Its really incredible how far technology has come! It only took about 10 minutes total for the lasik procedure and we were on our way home in no time. He was uncomfortable for some time, felt like he had sand or eyelashes in his eyes... but he just slept the afternoon/night away. Here he is on the way home...
Don't you love those eye shields? bahahaha

Tonight we are off to a Mexican dinner to celebrate his birthday with about 15 of our close friends.
And thank gosh tomorrow is Friday!


the queen said...

Happy Bday to your man! And I hope your big day went well!!!!

love jenny xoxo said...

Im glad the lasik went well! What a great bday to be able to see clearly! And Mexican, yum! Sounds great!


Allison said...

Lasik is incredible!