Friday, December 17, 2010

Secret Santa

We have been playing Secret Santa at work for the past two weeks and we finally revealed ourselves today! I had NO idea who had me. We were supposed to leave little clues to help the person make some guesses but I really had no idea. The lady I sit close to told me she had our other buddy, but all along she had me! I didn't figure it out until the other person opened her present and her SS revealed herself. I was tricked!! I am so happy she had me though! Here is what I got!
A Starbucks cup and gift card! She definitely went over the $10 limit!

I am so looking forward to tonight!! I am having my favorite girls over to make Christmas sugar cookies and just spend time with one another. My sister and the kids are coming and I am SO excited to see them. Only 2 more hours of work and I'm outta here!!


The Conway's said...

Secret Santa is so much fun!! Glad you got some goodies from Starbucks!

And an answer to your question on the blog...Jason doesn't have a sister. Why?

Miss V said...

Have fun tonight!! Sounds like a perfect evening!! Miss you too lady I have been a bad blogger!!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

You can never go wrong with a Starbucks card!