Monday, December 6, 2010


I got the iphone 4! Radio Shack is having this awesome deal when you trade in an older iphone you get money off the iphone 4. Since I had the 3g before, I got $75 dollars off making my total $117. Can't beat that!  I didn't really need a new phone, but the price was great and there are some features I didn't have before. The camera takes such clear pictures, I can now face time when the boy and I are apart, and can even take little videos.

I also saw the movie Burlesque this weekend. I thought it was really good! I have never been a huge Christian Aguilar fan but she has an amazing voice! The movie line reminded me of Coyote Ugly but I still really enjoyed it.

I also just got a call from the Sheriffs department saying they are moving forward with my background and scheduled my polygraph for next week! I am so excited/nervous!! I want this job so bad!!

Lastly, here is a new vase I picked up at TJ Max.


CMae said...

What job did you apply for that you want so badly? I haven't seen Christina's new movie yet...personally i love her as the talented singer that she I wasn't sure if I'd want to see her act!

Jen said...

I'm a gigantic TJ Maxx fan!! Love your find!

Just Believing said...

good luck on the job! is it for dispatch???

also i just got the 4 too and I LOVE IT i am having battery problems but still once you go iphone you cant go back ;)

Laura Darling said...

I want to see that movie so bad! Glad to hear it was good. Cute vase too!