Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas has come and gone!!

Its amazing how fast Christmas has come and gone!!! I traveled up north with my dad to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my sisters and the kids. It was so nice having my family together, a Christmas I wont forget. These past few years have been so much more exciting with my niece and nephew in the picture, its all about them! I love watching Caden get more and more excited each year. This year he slept in until 8 and my sister had to finally wake him because we were all ready to open gifts! Here is my Christmas in pictures!!
Oh ya! The bf got me a LV!!

I was so shocked!!

Face time with the bf who was at home

Chatting away...
Loving her new doll
Love these kids!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!! I am fighting a cold of some sort so I gotta get to bed early again tonight. I can't wait to catch up on your blogs tomorrow!!


Rach said...

Oooooh what a beautiful Louis!!

CMae said...

Never got into LV but yours is lovely! what did the frap man get for Xmas? :)

Jessica said...

aw your niece and nephew are too precious in their Christmas pjs! I can't wait until my brother gets married in July and they have babies! haha holidays are much better with little ones around!

Laura Darling said...

The picture of your niece on the phone is adorable! Looks like a great Christmas! Hope you feel better soon...seems like everyone is getting sick!

Misty Michelle said...

CONGRATS ON THE LOUIS!!!!! OMG What a great present!!!!

Hope you had a great christmas sweetie!!!

Lindsay said...

so jealous!! i die over a lv bag!