Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quiet Week

This has been a week of quiet evenings at home and I have enjoyed it immensely! I usually over do it during the week with dinner dates but this week I kept it simple. Last night the boy and I just cuddled on the couch and it was perfecto. And we ate spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy's, my new obsession!

I also watched 16 & Pregnant last night... pretty good show... although no 16 year old should really be having babies...

Happy Hump Day


Jessica W said...

haha last night's episode of 16 & pregnant was sooo weird! I have NEVER heard of the spitting/eating soap "side effect" of pregnancy.
and that baby daddy's speech was ridic! I hated how he said "there" like 'dur'

Leigh said...

I love a relaxing night at home! Nothing quite beats it:) I missed last night's episode...I'm really interested in seeing it now!